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The Youth Of Today

Published January 2, 2013 by jjjemma

Does anyone remember Aaron… The 21 year old stud from the post “the eventful evening”.

Well!!!! Let me tell you all that has developed!!!

Little , sweet, gorgeous Aaron, has been texting me constantly over xmas. Including several times on Christmas Day. Then a few days later he began WhatsApping me. Which i was happy to oblige with flirting etc. I asked why he had come over to Whatsapp rather than texting me suddenly and he said “cos I aint used this before”.
Okay, fair enough Jemma thought.

So Aaron continued to elaborate on how much he wanted to kiss my sexy body all over /lick me all over / Can’t wait to come to leicester SO BAD etc etc …. (those were his words btw)

So, today, for some reason I went on Facebook and there was Aarons status update
” Taking my gorgeous gf to arsenal at the end of the month… i will covert you ;p” (and tagged “said” gf in the post)

HOLD. THE. FUCK. UP….!!!!!!!


So I made a fresh brew, plugged the mac book in and turned on “stalk-mode”. As a few of you may know from this postwhen I suspect a situation is any less than kosher, I turn into fully blown stalker girl.

So I clicked on aforementioned girlfriends profile. She looked about 19, nose piercing and without sounding like a bitch, average. – I mean, come on… I have “grown” into myself… as I am sure she will…

Anyways, said she was in a relationship with him since Dec 25th. Christmas day – when he spent a lot of it texting ME!
Looked through her profile pics and there was one of HIM and HER on November 4Th 2012 looking loved up. Went down her timeline, and saw she had been “in a relationship” with Aaron in Sept 2012 and June 2010. Basically, it looks like they have been on/off for a very long time. I am sure of one thing … I bet she doesn’t know of ME and I bet thats why he has swerved our little frisky chats over to Whatsapp! CUNT!

So.. I played it very innocent with Aaron. I went onto Whatsapp and said “Oh gosh I didnt realise you had a GF”

He replied:”Only just got one… you were too far away haha”
I replied: “You were too young for me anyway!”
He replied: “Never too young!Well if nothing was to happen at least I met a lovely woman out of it :)”

I replied: 🙂

He replied:”If you’d of came back to my hotel I wouldnt of been a good boy 🙂 xxxx”

I replied: “really?” (at this point fuming)
His response: “yeh course – i was besotted with YOU”

I havent replied. HE hasn’t been straight with me here has he?! “I just got a gf” —- REALLY?!!!

Now, I have 3 choices here…

1.) Keep quiet, pretend he doesn’t exist and delete off Facebook

2.) Tell his girlfriend, break the girls heart (she will prob go back to him anyway) and fuck him over – SURELY THESE DICKS NEED TO GET WHATS COMING TO THEM?! He dry humped me all over The Fan Club ffs!!!!!

3.) Scare the little player senseless and tell him if he doesn’t be straight with me then I’m gonna tell his gf about our night of “passion” *evil laugh* muhahahahaha!!!

I havent decided what to do. I am not sure I want the drama. However, on the flip side if i was the girl then I would want to be told! Lets not forget, 2 days ago, that little RUNT was planning to take me out when he is down here in 12 weeks!!!

What shall I do??????


Loves Jem xxx






Published August 20, 2012 by jjjemma

Cross roads

So today’s first blog of the week is about my life (no surprise there!)

I’m at a complete crossroads in my life , professionally and personally.
Last year I trained as a level 2 hairdresser and 2 years prior I was awarded my level 3 in Beauty sciences (all destination levels). I love hair and beauty, but I always thought I’d end up teaching. To teach, would mean going to uni and putting life on hold for 3 years. As the sole parent of two young boys, I can’t imagine juggling them, child care, study, uni and life – not to mention being skint for years.

So I applied to do my level 3 at college in hairdressing. I was told I’d get funding, but now the government has changed legislation which means I may get no help with child care and have to find £800 in study fees – not gonna happen :/

The other option is to go completely self employed and build up a business from nothing. It’s a terrifying leap that I may now be forced into. But I refuse to sit at home for a year on benefits whilst I wait for my youngest to get his government funded child are when he turns 3 . Although I’m sure many single mums wouldnt mind chilling for a year- its not for me. I wouldn’t want to waste a year doing nothing.

So today I’m emailing various salons and oap homes to see if they need a hairdresser. I will do this. I CAN do this.

My personal crossroads is, I’ve decided to come off POF which means – zero dates for me. Will he ever find me?
Plus, my 6 year old is really testing me over the summer holidays. This morning hasnt been a good start to the week. He has been assessed for autism last year and I was told that no – he wasn’t on the autistic spectrum. His consultant doesn’t believe their is anything wrong with him (other than behavioural difficulties) – but that’s mainly because my 6 y/o is a complete angel in front of the doctor.
What concerns me most is that two of my uncles were what was known as then as “backwards” , now called “learning difficulties” – neither can read or write and both have very immature mental ages. My brother has had alot of behavioural difficulties growing up and was never diagnosed with anything.
I’m really praying that the last two years of bad bad behaviour is just “growing pains” and may even be trauma from his dad leaving. The doctors tell me to keep doing what I am doing. The support and advice I’ve received from them is minimal. Sometimes I don’t know the right way to do stuff. Kids don’t come with a manual.

Really this post is abit of a life moan…. Blurb… Oh I don’t know. I’ve got it out now and must continue to push forward.

Success doesn’t happen from being still
Jem x

Ps: I have just been talking with a girl from college and we are meeting Wednesday to talk business ideas and merging, as she has projects lined up 🙂 eeee:) see – it’s not what to know / it’s WHO you know