Boys are stupid – throw rocks at them

Published August 14, 2014 by jjjemma

I’ve not blogged in forever. I apologise – I never seem to have the time in between juggling the boys and running my business.

I’m writing this on a flight back from a long weekend in magaluf (don’t ask!)🙈

The holiday was organised by my best friend who thought it would be good to have a girly weekend of alcohol and sun before I turn 30 in November.
I loved every second! I’m sad to report , I’ve changed…. I got drunk every single night – but other than wanking off some stag members big toe ( again- don’t ask) , I had ZERO action. No kiss, no grope and defo no sex.

I didn’t want to. It’s off putting when you hear blokes talking of having two girls in 24 hours etc. It’s dirty.

We made friends with 2 lovely mancunion ladies on the day after the first night out. We got chatting and by the end of the day, we had drank out hangovers away, arranged a night out with the stag party we also met and played in the pool.
The stag do’ all were very shady about their relationship status back home and we all knew that they had families – we are not that gullible.
None of them seemed truely happy – is that why men cheat? Or is the fact tht they will not be caught out?

“What happens on your stays on tour”

Anyway, a few of them tried and failed to woo me.
In the words of shania twain “that don’t impress me much”.

They were a good bunch of boys, I just felt gutted for their WAGS at home.

I’ve had the holiday of my life. Such fun and memories have been made.

I have news – I have met someone. It’s early days, I’m not going to say too much other than he’s local, I first met him 12 years ago and he has a little boy too.
I’m not getting ahead of myself at all this time. Slowly does it. 🙌🙌🙌

The last few months I dated a journalist (boring), a fireman (lovely but too far away) – both boys were called chris and both dates ended up with me going home with them but passing out in a drink fuelled coma!😂😩🙈
Chris the journo took me to a club and I literally fell over whilst standing talking to him – I was THAT smashed🙊
I decided after a few more dates that I wasn’t attracted to him and he took it quite badly and never spoke to me again 😬
Chris the fireman was lovely lovely but I don’t really think the chemistry was right. We had good dates. But I want fireworks!

I also had awesome sex with a boy I dated 2 years ago. He had muscles in places I didn’t know existed❤️❤️❤️. But , alas, he’s an attention whore and seriously screwed up.

Life is good and I’m happy and healthy.
I feel rough after 3 nights in magaluf but it was totes worth it!!!
Oh and I met james lockie from TOWIE and his eyes were rolling in the back of his head – don’t do drugs kids😂

Jem xxx

P.s I wrote this on the plane back on Sunday. The lad I’d been seeing came round mine twice , then we spoke on the phone about his ex gf breaking up with the dude she left him for – he reassured me that he would never go there… That was tues night. Didn’t hear off him all day yesterday or today which is highly unusual and today I text him and no reply!
Why fucking me?!



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