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The other woman

Published June 13, 2013 by jjjemma

I met “a” through work. He was 19 and a supervisor for a company I was manager for when I was 20.
He was from Leeds and I was from Leicester.
We flirted outrageously at regional meetings and eventually we added on Facebook.

We would email and flirt and sexy regularly.

He was fit.

It all changed when he married his uni sweetheart.
I felt differently and we kept our distance. I didn’t want to be the other woman in any way shape or form.

We had no feeling for each other , other than lust.

No matters of the heart were ever discussed.

We’d email weekly, bantering each other.
On iPhones the signature at the bottom of emails is “sent from (insert name here) iPhone”

“A” and myself used to edit these to amuse ourselves…
“Sent from my hairy ball sacks”
“Sent from my wide set vagina”
“Sent from my sweaty crack”

Etc 😂😂😂

My sons dad discovered our emails and set up a very similar email name to “a’s” and tried to trick me – I soon knew it wasn’t actual “a” when I started receiving emails telling me he loved me.
In the end I cut all contact with “a” to prove to my kids dad (and I use the term “dad” very fucking loosely!) that I did love him and wanted our relationship to work.

4 years later, boom!
I received a message on Facebook from “A”, asking how I’d been! We both now had 2 kids each, he’s relocated to Africa with his wife and I updated him on me!

We had a few flirty words of admiration for each other – but nothing crossing the line.

He tried to cross it asking for pics. I didn’t send him hat he wanted. I’m wiser now. I wouldn’t wanna hurt another woman.
I kept forcing the convo onto normal stuff. So I sent pics of my hair when I had it short etc. nothing rude.

He told me him and wifey wasn’t having sex and that marriage was virtually over. I suggested counselling to him (it sounds like she had post natal depression). He told me of their plans to engage in a 3-sum which I strongly advised against.

Anyway, the last 2 weeks he has been pelting my inbox with dirty messages. I’ve been blanking them as I don’t want to encourage that sort of communication now I am older and wiser.

So imagine my surprise when earlier in the week I receive a msg from his wife (via his now deleted Facebook page) – telling me to stay away and that “A” is being dealt with….


That I should concentrate on my kids.

She clearly hasn’t seen thy he was the one attempting to lure me into sexy talks!
It’s been playing on my mind so I found her on Facebook and sent her this …(pic below)

Lesson learnt… I won’t speak to him again, and will keep married men at arms length.

Men think with their small head not the intelligent ones
Peace and love ,
Jem x