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Guest Blog: “Boyband’s” Bad date

Published January 24, 2013 by jjjemma

I’ve had many experiences with internet dating over the years, some good, some not so good but the following recent story was particularly memorable to say the least and Jemma has kindly allowed me to share it with you.


I’d recently hit the singles market and decided to go swimming in the wonderful pool of POF and try my luck once again on the internet.  Very soon I got chatting to a single woman or two children (ages 1 and 3yrs), who I shall name ‘Kirby West’ and in virtuality (if ever a word) sounded perfect.


So Kirby and I arranged a date at a bar to get to know each other over a few drinks (as you do), but a couple of days prior, she texted me to advise that she had been let down by her babysitter and couldn’t get a replacement in time for our date.  So instead of cancelling she asked if I would like to go round hers when the kids were in bed instead of cancelling.  I obviously thought this was a bit strange as she didn’t know me from Adam or had even laid eyes on me, I mean cummon, I could have been a psycho baby killer.  Lucky for her I’m not… well not anymore anyway! So me being me I dismissed the weirdness of the offer and I agreed to go round.


So I get there, bottle of wine in hand, we got chatting and everything was going swimmingly despite the environment and in all fairness she seemed very nice. I’d been there for around half an hour when her 3yr old appeared at the top of the stairs.  Now here’s me thinking she’ll just put him back to bed straight away but she called him down to sit with us and before long had all his toys out and he proceeded to use me as a human climbing frame as we continued with our date.


Very shortly after that, the 1yr old gets up and sits at the top of the stairs crying.  So again instead of putting him back to bed, Kirby comforted him and brought him down the stairs to sit with us.  So at this point I’m thinking WTF??? as I continued to try and get through a date at Go kids Go!  Anyway the 1yr old just wouldn’t stop crying, to which she acknowledge and apologised profusely for to be fair, but It was obviously the baby wanted feeding and wouldn’t be stopping anytime soon until he had his supper.


So Kirby had no choice but to give into the baby’s cries and asked if I would I mind.  Obviously said no go ahead and feed him, its fine….Then in a heartbeat she’d lifted up her top, lobbed out her right boob and had the baby suckling for England…


Now I’m not normally stuck for words but I was completely gobsmacked… This resulted in an obvious tumbleweed moment so I broke the awkward silence with “well….. This is awkward”… followed by “I’m not sure what to do with myself, I’m quite tempted to get on the other side and hi-five the baby” comment.   I chuckled but she didn’t seem to find my humour funny at all.


Needless to say the date continued to go downhill quite rapidly thereafter and I eventually made my excuses and left never to speak a word to her again.



Was he out of order?


What would you do in that situation?




The end of Pof

Published January 19, 2013 by jjjemma

So tonight I’ve quit plenty of fish. Boyband was the last straw.
I liked him. 😪
He wasn’t forthcoming with getting to know me. He never tried to call. We cancelled fri nights date due to the snow. Maybe that was Mother Nature saying we weren’t compatible, I dunno. I was quite to the point with boy band last night. I told him I didn’t think he was into me. He assured me he was and told me to stop being silly.
Today he text me in the morning and I asked him to add me on Facebook and gave my full name – I didn’t think this was an odd request as technically we were meant to have actually met last night?

Anyway, he replied asking if I wanted to snoop and I replied jokingly that I did as I was snowed in and bored. Nothing. No reply. All day. Checked Facebook. Nope nothing. Checked whatsapp – he was logging in & out all day 😒
Now I know you lot thought he was a time waster but he did tick ALOT of the boxes:
✅Not recently heartbroken
✅No mental ex
✅No baggage
✅Good dress sense
✅Own car / place to live

So I overlooked the fact he sacked me off for a date with a 25 year old (even tho he is 39?!) I found it strange for him to want to date someone so young, but I guess men are different.

As tonight progressed I realised I had been ignored deliberately. So, the straight talker I am … I text him:

Wow! That was ignorant! I guess the facebook thing did scare you. Something’s not right. I’m not stupid. I let you read my blog and now you can’t add me on Facebook ? Even tho we were supposed to of actually met yesterday?! Either you’re a time waster or you aren’t really who you say you are. Either way I haven’t got time for this shit. Laters.

His reply:

Oh dear I’ve upset you… I’ve been busy since this afternoon. You could’ve added me, in fact sure you can snoop a little anyway without befriending me.

I get the feeling you’re a little uptight??? Not time wasting at all but if you feel like that the fine. Take it easy

😳Hmmm- dodged most of my points and twisted it?! NICE!

I replied: 📲

Uptight? No. Upset? Alittle.

You were the first fella off Pof that ticked ALOT of boxes for me.

I think I’ve done enough leg work… It was ME who asked for your number, it was ME who suggested meeting, it was ME who offered to be friends when you declined my offer to meet for drinks and it was ME who asked for a Facebook add.

You’ve been busy this afternoon – on whatsapp ! Don’t underestimate my intelligence. I’ve been played by bigger fish than you. So no need to twist it on me.
It’s all abit too much like hard work. You never arranged a replacement date either. As I said on my Pof profile – I like a man to be a man.

I guess you didn’t read that bit. I’m 28 and yes have 2 kids but I know I have lots going for me. You’re pushing 40 and should really act alittle more interested if you are going to ever settle down. I guess that’s the reason you’ve never been married or had babies. But never mind. I’ve deactivated plenty of fish. Seems like everyone on there are players.


He replied:
Wow… Dunno what to say!! 😳 All I will say is that the nature of being on a dating site is to speak to several people, gauge who you believe to be potential partners and then date them. There no pressure, we’re chatting, what’s the rush??? It was unfortunate that the weather stopped us from meeting last night but I had every intention of rearranging. Im not a player, I have nothing to hide, I was honest about my other date hence not being able to meet you. I asked you to
Meet for lunch on tues after my meeting was cancelled but I didn’t get a definitive answer so left it for fri.

I think it rude that you would make assumptions about my age and circumstances when you’ve never met me or really know me.

I’m just getting wound up the more I type so I shall stop now and let you get on with it.

Blog that!!


*lesson learned*

Btw – he mentioned lunch on tues , on Monday night – when I’d already committed to exams at college plus – would I want to meet in my college skanky uniform… I think not!!! 😷

So, I guessed it was done, but I couldn’t resist a final reply of:

“Oh dear I’ve upset you … I have the feeling you’re alittle uptight?”


I then went and deleted plenty of fish. What a piece of shit, god forsaken, waste of time that was!

If he had shown more interest in me I’d if been a happy bunny! I’m a girl, we need attention. In the early days of getting to know each other it shouldn’t be a pain to reply to a text. He perhaps should of called me. I wish I’d of met him. I truely believe if I’d of met boyband then he’d of realised I’m actually a top bird.
After 3 years of being single, I’m not wanting to be dicked around in any way, shape or form.

I’ve joined and thesinglewarehouse dating sites. I really don’t know if I can be bothered anymore.
Is it ever gonna happen for me?? ❤❤

Do I have to pretend I’m someone I’m not?

Am I too used to having men falling at my feet??

Despite boyband’s faults, I REALLY LIKED HIM 😦 maybe I should of kept my mouth shut… But I’m just not that girl. I speak my mind – almost to a fault.

What do you think folks? Am I mental?

Love to you all





Second best

Published January 12, 2013 by jjjemma

Alittle update…
I started talking to hot guy. Hot guy messeged me via POF.
He was 39 (alittle older than I like – but what the hell -he was FIT!) he was also over 6 foot tall… And us girls LOVE a tall man right?!!!😜
He’s the guy who I gave my blog address too. He was gorgeous looking, into similar things as me and no kids! Seemed too good to be true.

We spoke numerous times via Pof over the next week and he read my blog. He ripped me abit about things I wrote but also commented that he could maybe be the one who could be the end of my blog!!! 👍

Eventually I asked if we could exchange numbers as everytime I signed into Pof , I would get 20 messeges from men and my inbox was bursting as I was “online”
ALOT! So, he gave me his number, we chatted lots and all was well. The more I knew about this guy the more I liked him. He used to sing in a band and he gave me his band name so I could watch on YouTube.
OMG what a beautiful voice… Had smokey tones to his voice!!! He also played guitar…
…all this good stuff posed the question:
“Why the hell is he on POF?”
So I asked him. His answer was plausible. He had been out of a relationship for 5 months and chatting women up in bars wasn’t his style. Fine 🙂

I was at college earlier this week and was messaging him. He asked what campus I was at as he worked in town and wanted to go for lunch (but I wasn’t attending the city centre campus).
Anyhooo, we kept messaging and regularly he would text me good morning etc

Yesterday the texts stopped In the afternoon, which was weird as we always said goodnight. Today I had heard nothing from him.
I didn’t get it. I liked him. So I did something I’ve never done – I bit the bullet and text first. He replied that he’d been busy and we had abit of a convo going on. I was thinking “why hasn’t he asked me out???”
So again, cos I liked him, I asked him to meet for a drink tomorrow (as he said he was out tomorrow night-as am I).

Long pause…. His iPhone showed that he was typing… Then the typing stopped…

20 minutes later I got a reply saying:
“Right Jemma lemme tell you how it is cus I do believe in being straight. I’ve been chatting to 2 people who have both really got me intrigued. You being one of the 2. The other person kinda got in there first with the hook up for a drink tomorrow offer funnily enough so I’ve said yes so meeting up with you could become a little too interesting. 😳 Xx”

GUTTED. Much!?

And abit arrogant no?

Maybe the other girl hasn’t got children, I know that can be a deal breaker for some men.

Maybe the blog put him off?

Maybe the other girl was hotter?

Anyways, I was polite and said thanks for being straight with me and good luck tomorrow I hope it works out. And I do. He was/is a nice guy!

Just a shame I hadn’t been enough for him to wanna put me first. In the dating world you date your favourite – you don’t have a fucking waiting list.

So I was second best. Again. And that’s one thing I will never allow myself to be again.

So back to the fish pond for me 🎣🎣
Mwah, Jemma



Guest blog post from #sexstarvedgoodguy

Published January 6, 2013 by jjjemma

Happy Sunday!
My, my, my … Do I have a treat for you lot today!?
I have a mans perspective!!!!
One of my pals I regularly chat to on twitter told me he has skeletons in his closet… We spoke about him doing a guest blog post and he agreed 🙂

He has chosen to remain anonymous- as would I if I was in a relationship 😉

If people like this … Please comment / retweet and #hashtag
#sexstarvedgoodguy so he can view comments 🙂

Jem x


Reading your blog got me thinking. Are there any decent men out there? Well, I like to think so. Then it made me think about myself. Am I a decent bloke??
Answer: in short yes. But we all have a dark side don’t we.

The blog about the young lad who had a girlfriend got me thinking. You asked for advice on how to confront him. Should you say anything etc. my reply was we’re all young once and try it on.

Well my current predicament on wether I’m a good guy. I’m with my partner of 9 years. We’ve had sex once in last 6 months. (Not my choice) .

Then recently- 2nd jan to be precise, I was out with a few of the lads having a beer. When my phone goes. What’s app notifications. “Old school friend girl” has sent you an image. I open it up and there is 5 images from a girl I had a flirt with last year (No more, just a few messages and calls.). -pretty graphic to say the least.
Then a message saying happy new year. I didn’t reply straight away I was a bit shocked she’d sent them. Anyway after a bit she messages again ‘do you like’ so I replied did she mean to send to me. Well she did and then in no uncertain terms told me she wanted to meet ASAP and in no doubt what we’d be getting upto. I made my excuses and said I’d be in touch in future.

So my thoughts. Are there any decent guys out there. Yes I am. But for how long?????

Sex starved good guy.

Update on Arron the player

Published January 5, 2013 by jjjemma

So here’s the update. I asked young ‘un … Aka… Arron , what was what… He explained… End of..

I am Glad cos I cannot be doing with any dramas so early on in this year! Added bonus… I can keep him as a reserve cock if he ever splits with his gf 🙂

Here’s a screen grab…

I’m currently stalking … Erm… I mean … Talking to a new guy on Pof…
Will update more when I know if he’s a cunt or not
Mwah! Xxx
Jem xxx


The Youth Of Today

Published January 2, 2013 by jjjemma

Does anyone remember Aaron… The 21 year old stud from the post “the eventful evening”.

Well!!!! Let me tell you all that has developed!!!

Little , sweet, gorgeous Aaron, has been texting me constantly over xmas. Including several times on Christmas Day. Then a few days later he began WhatsApping me. Which i was happy to oblige with flirting etc. I asked why he had come over to Whatsapp rather than texting me suddenly and he said “cos I aint used this before”.
Okay, fair enough Jemma thought.

So Aaron continued to elaborate on how much he wanted to kiss my sexy body all over /lick me all over / Can’t wait to come to leicester SO BAD etc etc …. (those were his words btw)

So, today, for some reason I went on Facebook and there was Aarons status update
” Taking my gorgeous gf to arsenal at the end of the month… i will covert you ;p” (and tagged “said” gf in the post)

HOLD. THE. FUCK. UP….!!!!!!!


So I made a fresh brew, plugged the mac book in and turned on “stalk-mode”. As a few of you may know from this postwhen I suspect a situation is any less than kosher, I turn into fully blown stalker girl.

So I clicked on aforementioned girlfriends profile. She looked about 19, nose piercing and without sounding like a bitch, average. – I mean, come on… I have “grown” into myself… as I am sure she will…

Anyways, said she was in a relationship with him since Dec 25th. Christmas day – when he spent a lot of it texting ME!
Looked through her profile pics and there was one of HIM and HER on November 4Th 2012 looking loved up. Went down her timeline, and saw she had been “in a relationship” with Aaron in Sept 2012 and June 2010. Basically, it looks like they have been on/off for a very long time. I am sure of one thing … I bet she doesn’t know of ME and I bet thats why he has swerved our little frisky chats over to Whatsapp! CUNT!

So.. I played it very innocent with Aaron. I went onto Whatsapp and said “Oh gosh I didnt realise you had a GF”

He replied:”Only just got one… you were too far away haha”
I replied: “You were too young for me anyway!”
He replied: “Never too young!Well if nothing was to happen at least I met a lovely woman out of it :)”

I replied: 🙂

He replied:”If you’d of came back to my hotel I wouldnt of been a good boy 🙂 xxxx”

I replied: “really?” (at this point fuming)
His response: “yeh course – i was besotted with YOU”

I havent replied. HE hasn’t been straight with me here has he?! “I just got a gf” —- REALLY?!!!

Now, I have 3 choices here…

1.) Keep quiet, pretend he doesn’t exist and delete off Facebook

2.) Tell his girlfriend, break the girls heart (she will prob go back to him anyway) and fuck him over – SURELY THESE DICKS NEED TO GET WHATS COMING TO THEM?! He dry humped me all over The Fan Club ffs!!!!!

3.) Scare the little player senseless and tell him if he doesn’t be straight with me then I’m gonna tell his gf about our night of “passion” *evil laugh* muhahahahaha!!!

I havent decided what to do. I am not sure I want the drama. However, on the flip side if i was the girl then I would want to be told! Lets not forget, 2 days ago, that little RUNT was planning to take me out when he is down here in 12 weeks!!!

What shall I do??????


Loves Jem xxx