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A twomance

Published November 30, 2012 by jjjemma

twitter= romance

I joined twitter in january 2011. i was at home with a small child and contemplating my next move of what to do in life. Id heard lots about twitter, so signed up to try and fill in the boredom and loneliness of being a single mum to 2 small children. I made the schoolboy error of following all celebrities and not following any “regular” twitter folk back! what a faux pas i made there!!! inevitably, i found twitter extremely shit and closed my account. in March 2011, i decided to give twitter another go as i was bored, i tried a different approach – following normal people and very few celebs. within a week i was hooked. I realised there were a significant amount of twitter cliques and several started to pull me in with good banter and lots of “counts” thrown in for good measure. I didn’t like the self proclaimed twitter celebs – who were normal folk like moi and thou, yet they never followed back and often tweeted stolen jokes from others. Anyways… i procrastinate…
So , i found a group of people i seemed to fit in with and we all chatted daily. Soon, a girl within the group and i began chatting a lot. She was at home a lot with her twin daughters and me with my son, whilst the other was at school.This girl, Emma (she wont mind me naming and shaming haha), has turned into my best friend. Its crazy to think 2 years ago i never knew this girl and couldn’t point to her island on a map – yet now i have BEEN to her island and would be lost without her in my life. So for that twitter, i thank you xxx💋💋💋💋

Four months into my twitter addiction, a guy came onto the scene via the infamous “DM” box. He was someone i followed due to his sheer “don’t give a fuck attitude”. If i say the word “Bradders”, a lot of you will know who i am talking about. Bradders always initiated our DMs, he would ask how i was, or tell me i was pretty and we would talk on a more serious level away from prying eyes of the twitter timeline. We openly bantered each other across the twitter timeline and would speak more and more frequently. Joking and laughing, i liked him. By July 2011, Bradders asked for my phone number and would call me several times a day for hours at a time. REALLY INTENSE! we would laugh, joke, rip each other, do impressions of random shit down the phone and tell funny stories. I REALLY liked this guy. 💛

He admitted he had feelings too but obviously we needed to meet to see what was what.
So in August 2011, he was up in my neck of the woods with his parents to visit his sick relative. He asked if id like to meet up and drove over an hour out of his way to pick me up and we went to nandos cos we both bum loved that place. MY first impressions of him were bait shocked as he looked bait different from the couple of pics id seen of him on twitter, but he looked a cheeky choppy and we chatted easily and laughed. He was a total gent and you know what?- He was SOOOO much quieter than id imagined. As he drove me hoe , he asked for directions back to mine as he didn’t know leicester. I’ve never told anyone this but i told him the longest route back as i didn’t want him to go. I was already falling.

He dropped me home and from that moment on he was mega intense, calling , texting, tweeting etc. I did notice he was tweeting other girls offering to meet up , but when i asked him about this (i.’m a direct kinda chick), he played it down and just claimed it was twitter banter not real life and he said i was the only girl he’d met off there. He said “it was on between us”.👯

A month after all that, i had some major personal shit kicking off and asked Bradders for abit of a break from the constant communication barrage. He went stone cold dead silent.
I then noticed he was chatting ALOT to a girl id been mates with from the start – she was moving in on my man. They openly spoke about phoning each other etc. I was gutted and basically ended it with bradders, telling him i wasn’t down for getting messed around and wished them both well.


I went away with my family that weekend. i was alerted by a fellow tweeter that braiders was posting a load of shit about me – all untrue , i may add, on his timeline. He also had his mate dean and the other girl -olivia backing up his bull crap. He said some really vile stuff; That i was a stalker, that he had images of me, that i was mental, evil. The worst one was when he apparently screen grabbed texts from me (it said my name in the from box) saying to him ” i hope your kids get cancer and die”.

When i saw this i broke down. Olivia, and dean were backing him up saying i was mental and that i wouldn’t leave them alone, making their lives HELL. The truth was this… i HAD left them alone. I hadn’t even got Olivias number as we vaguely chatted on twitter now and again about our kids. And Dean id only ever chatted through Bradders. I had let him go.
I retaliated over twitter asking him to delete the contact name to reveal my number if it was really me. He didn’t – because he couldn’t. He had sent himself that text (probably off of his 2nd mobile phone which he insisted was for work). I lost a few followers – some of whom believed him. This hurt. They believed that i was capable of wishing children dead. People were hashtagging me and saying some awful stuff about me. i cried, hard.
What had i done so wrong? i let olivia have him, there was no fight or fall out. I was an adult but they were out to destroy me. I really was falling for that guy and he betrayed me and then lied about me.💏
He even gave that stupid tat olivia, my number and she called me off of blocked number saying she was in bed with him the night before when the alleged texts had came through from me. i told her they wasn’t from me and told her to leave me alone and put the phone down. i deleted my twitter account and came back under a new name as i didn’t want to be associated with him, her or any of there friends. If someone retweets him onto my timeline , i blocked them too as i NEVER want to go through that again.

And that was that. Until yesterday…
over a year has passed since all that bollocks and i don’t even think about it – to be honest id forgotten all about it – otherwise id of blogged this as a warning to all.

💬My whatsapp pinged. Bradders.

I opened the message ; it was that spam shit thats going around.
so i replied. “ha glad you’ve got a virus you fucking fag”

He replied, apologising for all that he had done. Like genuinely sorry. He admitted to being manipulated by Olivia and although he’d never met her (even tho she aid she was in bed with him the night the texts shit blasted off), he gave her his passwords to twitter so she could attack me via him. She led him to believe i was harassing her and saying stuff about her (surprise surprise). Bradders said i didn’t deserve all that crap and that he was truly sorry , but was head fucked by the mentalist olivia. He also mentioned her baby had died and said he’d had his fair share of karma too and said that they both deserved everything that happened after there malicious lies and hate campaign against me.

Now, this Olivia girl was apparently loaded, hot, 3 kids, divorced, buying horse stables in Hampshire or somewhere posh, drove a x5 car and was on twitter 24/7?! he dad and brother were also on twitter – which i believe was this girl setting up other accounts to make her sound amazing. As the dad and brother accounts only ever tweeted her or about her!
– Are you still with me??

Anyways, when Bradders broke it off with her, suddenly her child died and was rt all over twitter. I’m gonna put this out there cos i think this Olivia/olivya is a FAKE. Tweeting for attention, and i bet my life that she isn’t who she says she is …I think she has probably stolen someones pics off Facebook and poses on here as that lady.

Bradders karma that he said he got was he lost his dad. The loss of his father seems to of made him grow up. The level of maturity our conversation had last night proved that. I don’t hold any malice towards him or his freaky ex twitter wife or whoever the damn she is.

I think a proper truce has been called and i’m glad to draw a line nude it all and to wish him well in his life.

I realise that yet again i was too trusting and i think that will always be my flaw … however i’m getting better at spotting the wankers before they drive a chainsaw through my fragile heart.💔

I’m glad i experienced a twitter romance, but it almost certainly has put me off having another one!

Lesson learnt; internet peeps are not all to be trusted👌👍

jem xxx

p.s IN YOUR FACE to all the cunts that doubted me and thought i might of said those awful things, if anyone requires whatsapp screen shots as proof of this feel free to contact me!!!😜



The finale!!! Part 3 : The Tale Of The Ginge

Published November 12, 2012 by jjjemma

Last Friday, i woke up feeling like i’d been hit by a truck. My main emotion was betrayal and the overwhelming sense that i’m a gullible dickwad.
Ginge was frantically texting around mid afternoon and the text that broke me was “i know we are not in a relationship but have some decency and courtesy to reply at least!”

FUCK YOUUUUUUU!!!!! i replied a simple but effective “Like you did?”

He had no idea or remorse about ignoring me and lying?!!

After speaking with my closest pal that evening, i decided to give him a chance to admit some of his lies.
My friend pointed out a number of things:
1.) She could be a woman scorned and lied about everything
2.) I have been badly hurt in the past and could be looking for things to go wrong
3.) Even if he did do them things to her, he may of changed as it was a few years ago, plus everyone billy bullshits when you meet someone you like and want to impress them

so i text him. I asked him if “this” was really him. I told him i would like him regardless of job status, celebrity ex girlfriends etc. i told him he was funny and that i would still like him even if he worked in Asda.
He admitted NOTHING.
He even suggested that i was insecure and that just because he is a decent guy, i shouldn’t knock him down.

So , i told him that a friend of mine had done some research on him and that he never was in an actual relationship with the celeb.
He started ranting, saying he couldn’t believe it and that they were together over a year and that my friends are misinformed.
He then BLOCKED me on Facebook!
– Very dodgy move!!!

I asked why he had blocked me on there and also asked why he was still living at home if he was a hot shot businessman… (why not ? i had fuck all to lose AND, i am a fucker for getting the truth).

He said because he had moved back here after splitting with his LA girlfriend. He didn’t know whether to move to London where his office is located or stay here. He replied, that he blocked me because he felt “well awkward” about my mates checking on him.

(He said he moved to LA to live with a girl for almost a year, but it didn’t work out… rem don’t you need a Greencard to live in america and work???)

I calmed down abit and asked him to re-add me on Facebook. He didn’t.
I told him i was asking all this because id heard bad stuff and that if it was reversed i would expect him to do the same back.

No reply from Ginge.

I asked him if he was still sulking , as i got into bed.
He replied “yes, i am still sulking like a disabled, ginger, fat person” (thats him being funny not offensive btw!)
and then said “i trust you to trust me”.

Saturday came. Heard nothing from him. He still blocked me on Facebook yet i saw his new blog posts about bullshit overpriced crap. So he was still alive.

In the afternoon i heard from him. say
ing he will unblock me when he isn’t mardy anymore. We had bait of banter. But i couldn’t forget what the celeb girl had told me. We exchange pics of us dressed up (he was out in the shire, whilst i was out 12 miles away). He said i looked pretty.
Later that night at 1 am, he text a very pissed me saying “jem, what do you think about an “us”?”
i replied coyly “i don’t know what do you think?”
He replied in a series of texts that said” I think we would be amazing, we would burn this mother down”.
I said “unblock me on Facebook”
at 4.58 am , Me and my friend got to our hotel room shit faced. I rang him. He answered. He was laughing at my drunkenness and said “you love me”. I turned. So did my mate. We said he looked like James Hewitt, and called him a liar and my mate screeched “i hate you man!” down the phone and he hung up.
I woke up yesterday with a head rougher than a jermoy kyle contestant.
I got to my mums and was monging out when he text.
He asked me to go and collect him and offered to keep me company at MY HOUSE!

When i am hungover i am very easily pissed off and basically-a bitch.


i called him a dick.
he asked what was wrong with me.
I gave him my blog link and told him to read the fucked. he clearly didn’t as he was replying back and forth too quick.
i then asked him if he turns up at peoples houses with his stuff once they give him their addresses?
He replied “eh???”
straight away.
i text him spilling it all out, what c list celeb had told me. He instantly replied a shocked “oh my god , this is slanderous, im in utter disbelief”
I told him i enjoyed getting to know him and told him how funny he was.
He then responded telling me how his family had opened there arms tp that girl and that he walked out on her as nothing was ever good enough. He expressed his shock and disbelief. Part of me really believed him. He didn’t wait to respond so he wasn’t having “thinking” time between txts either.
He said “THIS” was meant to be our time, getting to know each other and how gutted he was that the nuttier (c-list celeb) had ruined it. He told me how lovely i am and said we should keep in touch.

His last text to me was:
“Find someone nice and don’t settle for less”

Mine was:
“i don’t want anyone now,i am done. This is why i stay the fuck away from men. I am better off on my own. See ya!”

and there, just like that. It was done.

I’ve not contacted him and he hasn’t contacted me. I don’t expect to hear off of him.
I don’t know which of them i believe, all i know is this:

I liked this guy. A lot.
I knew the second i contacted his ex that id probably lost him despite what she said.
I am probably damaged goods thanks to the fellas that have fucked me around.
I find it hard to trust.
I hope that this means i am one step closer to meeting my match for life.
No regrets and i definitely have not cried. I felt sad and still do.
If Ginge asks me for a coffee i will probably meet him to clear the air and try to work the truth from the lies. What do you think?????
But for now, its done.
And i’m a single pringle baby!!!
love Jem x

p.s; i ate a bag of cheese and 2 mince pies whilst writing this blog – comfort food rocks xxx


The tale of the Ginge -part 2

Published November 12, 2012 by jjjemma

The tale of the Ginge- Part 2:

Last Thurs, we was supposed to meet for a bite to eat. Ginge had suggested this during the previous nights phone call and i had agreed. So Thursday morning came, i got myself dolled up for a lunch date and headed into town. Id not had a “good morning” text, but assumed he was just busy and woud text me at lunchtime to arrange where to meet. So i went about shopping and checking my phone. Midday came and went. My phone was definitely on and working as i text and called friends to pass the time. By 2pm, id given up hope of hearing anything. How fucking rude! i know you are thinking “why didn’t you text hi Jem?” – but in all honesty, i wasn’t prepared to put myself out there with the possibility of being ignored by him as he had done the previous Saturday evening. I was raging. I went home. I opened by laptop and googled him. Lots of things suddenly didn’t add up. His LinkedIn profile was the first thing i checked out. He told me he had dissolved a partnership a couple of years ago with a guy who he was successfully running a business with. He told me this had cost him tens of thousands of pounds. On his profile, in his work history it clearly stated that he was EMPLOYED by the company and NOT co-director as he originally led me to believe. I then looked up his so called ex-business partner ; SHOCK hit me when i found this guy was the actual CEO of the company AND the company was never dissolved as ginger had told me. I then googled Ginge some more and discovered that his current company was registered to his Mums address and that where he said he lived was in fact, not in the lovely area he said, but on the outskirts of it AND the house (via google maps) was a modest one at that. Surely if you are super loaded you would see your family right? No??
I then found his Twitter and he had been posting blogs all day on high end products for the upper class market. I had an awful awful knot in my stomach – the same knot i felt overtime my ex, the DJ had lied to me. It occurred to me that if Ginge had been lying to me about these mediocre things then what else had he been lying about? It was at this point that i googled his so-called ex; The C-list celebrity. BINGO! Loads of stuff came up on her. She had her own website, i read articles that she had featured in etc. One interview she had done revealed she had met her now fiance and baby daddy prior to her big break on the tellybox. Ginge had said he was in a relationship with her at this point! I was super confused and after long thought, decided i needed to find out the truth about this guy once and for all.
This may sound crazy, but i have been badly hurt by a liar before and it left me devastated and broken. I could feel myself falling for Ginge and needed to find out some sort of truth before it was too late. He had arranged to meet me on two separate occasions at this point and then totally blanked me for over 24 hours each time…. So, I emailed his famous ex.

It was a short message that said who i was and who i was dating, and i spoke of how a few things didn’t add up and that ginger said he had dated her. I asked if this was true and politely apologised for having to do this, however, explained that i have two small children and didn’t want to be getting involved with a liar.

2 hours later, she replied:
“Hi Jemma,
He is a liar. Avoid x”

FUCK! my stomach hit the ground.

I rushed to reply saying :
“Thank you for replying! I thought you might think i was mental! Can you elaborate on that at all?”

She replied asking for my number and said she would call.

15 minutes later “BLOCKED” number was calling my phone.
I answered and an eloquent petite, feminine voice spoke to me. She asked for my story. I told her about how we knew each other, what he had said about her (they were together a year, How he said he gave her 5k jewellery to a homeless person, how he relocated up north to be with her and that they had ended because they were too strong, powerful people in the public eye and that they clashed).
She was clearly shocked. She said it was the biggest pack of fucking lies she had ever heard. she told me her version – That she went on 3 dates with him as they lived in the same block of flats whilst they were at uni. She then moved up north and didn’t intend to see him again. He asked for her new address so that he could send flowers to her. She gave it him. The next day he turned up at her new home up north with a suitcase full of his stuff!!! She told him she didn’t want a relationship, that he couldn’t stay and that he had to go. He got aggressive and angry. She was scared and told him she was going to ring the police. He asked to go to the bathroom and said he would leave after. Whilst he went toilet she rang the police, which he heard and he legged it. Once he had gone, she noticed her 5k necklace was missing out of her bedroom along with her cards and cash!!! She told me she thought he had took them not because he needed the money, but because he was mental enough to think she would want to meet up to get her stuff back!!!! She said he wouldn’t leave her alone and tried to sell stories of there “relationship” to a well known newspaper!!!! She then told me she nearly didn’t reply to my email as she thought it might be him trying to fuck with her. I thanked this lady and hung up.
I went into shock. How could i choose so badly?! Why do they all think they can pull the wool over my eyes!?? I didn’t speak to Ginge that evening as i was mulling over my next move. I didn’t want to tell him i had spoken to his ex and make myself look like a mentalist – i also didn’t want to cause trouble for her, a woman who went out of her way to put me in the picture about him.

Ginge updated his status about an hour later saying he was off to a fashion event at a london club. I googled the club, lode under the events page and SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! The club was a members only establishment and didn’t hold events thurdays to sundays!!! He text asking how i was. I ignored the fucker. later that night he tried to ring, i ignored again. At almost midnight he tried to call again. Again, i ignored. He left a voicemail sounding perfectly normal saying he has tried to text and call and joked that “he wouldn’t keep stalking me!” and told me to call him!!! How apt!
Firstly, he didn’t mention not meeting me earlier that day on our lunch date, or texting throughout the day and just sounded NORMAL!!!
5 minutes later, Ginge tagged himself at an exclusive famous gentlemans club in london… BULLSHIT.

i went to bed that evening feeling like utter crap and a total fool.

to be continued….

jem x

The tale of the Ginge

Published November 11, 2012 by jjjemma

Part 1.

I met someone. Someone I knew! I’d known of him for around 8 years.
I call this boy “Ginge” cos of his carrot top quiff. Think more “chiselled masculine/pale and interesting” rather than “Chris Evans “. He knew a girl I used to be friends with but we no longer talk- he used to ask me out years ago, but whilst I was still her friend, I wasn’t gonna be treading on anyone’s toes.
So, he mailed me. 3 weeks ago. Out of the blue, asking me to dinner. I accepted instantly, exchanged numbers and I was VERY excited.
Ginge was a successful businessman, who had an office in London. I’d never really spoken to him properly as we were both in and out of relationships back then. We started texting. He was funny! Really really hilarious! He got me. My humour. We had random conversations and he’d call me every evening before bed. This felt different to any man I’ve met in the past 2 years. There was a proper spark. He’s an intelligent, funny,successful guy. Over 6ft tall,frequents the gym regularly and above all, a true gentleman.

We arranged our first date: at a beautiful restaurant on the Friday before my birthday. We were both openly excited about meeting up. He mentioned he had sinusitis, which then developed into influenza. On the morning of our first date,he regretfully cancelled and was apologetic and remorseful. I was gutted. But, he was worth the wait. He even said he’d ordered a desert to come out with “happy birthday Jemma ” written in chocolate.
Anyway, on the Saturday, he messaged me to ask if I was free as he felt abit better and wondered if I’d like to have a lunch date with him and sushi (something he knew I wanted to try) that day. I had my boys and I told him so. He was sweet and told me to bring them along.
I mean, it’s not like we’d be snogging at lunch, he wasn’t a stranger and my boys are used to meeting male friends of mine,so, I accepted.
I met him in town and we went to yo!sushi. I wasnt nervous at all. ginge looked lovely in his designer fitted clothes and his hair was cut in the “mario from TOWIE” style! he looked great! My 6 year old was chatting away to him, whilst my two year old was clambering around like a monkey and squarking his high pitch protests in me trying to get him to sit still.
We chatted, we laughed, he got me to try all different foods including prawns which I always thought i’d hate!
I joked it was like doing a bush tucker trial! He was easy to get along with and again,hilariously funny!
He paid for everything without hesitation and shown patience when Archie had a meltdown at the end of lunch!😭😭😭 We parted with a kiss on the cheek and a smile.
He knew I was going to the fireworks display later and mentioned he’d probably be there and said he’d text. I got the kids ready and went to meet my friend there. I heard nothing off him but he did update Facebook to say “the killers are amazing” – he’s gone to their gig and not bothered to have the courtesy to let me know. Remember – he cancelled our amazing planned first date the morning prior to this due to illness.
He didn’t ring me thy evening as he aways usually did and ignored my text asking how the concert was. I was miffed. The following day – nothing. No morning text as he had done before the lunch meet. I started to think he had second thoughts and had a knot in my stomach :(😱
I saw on his blog that he had posted a new post so sent him a text late that evening saying “I get the messege, but there was no need to be rude. I liked you and thought you liked me too”.
He replied after an hour apologising, saying he wasn’t going to make excuses and that he was sorry. He wanted to see me again and asked if we could have breakfast one day that week, if I could get time off the kids. I had tues morning off college so told him I could . We arranged to meet in a lovey Italian cafe in a new part of town.
Again, he started calling me in the evenings and mentioned he would be in LA at some point later in the week! He really had his head screwed on and I loved that he wasn’t a chav , he was SO articulate!
On the Tuesday I met him in the Italian cafe, he was already there. He had the best booth and kissed my cheek warmly the second he saw me. We ordered, we talked, we ripped the shit out of “specials ” that were walking past the cafe. He laughed, I laughed- it was as if we were meant to be. I know that sounds intense but it was just a match. He has ambition, drive and made me feel like a lady. He didn’t judge me for having two kids and was genuinely interested in ME.
We chatted about everything. He told me he’d been in a relationship with a woman who was a minor celebrity off of a well known tv show. He said she was crazy and believed her own hype. He told me about his aunty who had a salon just out of town and she cut his hair. He said he stays with his folks sometimes and shares a flat with one of his mates too. He was quirky and even said he once bought his ex 5k diamond jewellery and when they split up he gave it to a homeless person on the street. We spoke about us mutually one day loving the idea of marriage and he expressed his desire for children. We were open. Like really good friends who share a connection. It was exciting times!!! We went to a health shop and I helped him pick out a new protein shaker and we were bantering and being daft. As we went to part ways I asked where he was parked and he said he’d got a cab because the car he’d recently purchased through his company, was for his mum and him to share…due to him being out of leicester mostly.

That night after another long call I fell asleep a contented girly! I was excited about the future :)🌺🌺🌺

To be continued….