Good riddance to bad rubbish :)

Published August 21, 2012 by jjjemma

The lying toe rag

So the dj has been issued with a harassment warning … Which means he cannot communicate with me in any way shape or form. The police have been round today to say that he has made a counter-harassment claim against me.
I had to sign a piece of paper saying I would not contact him again – or I will face arrest! Laughable when I am too busy dealing with that CUNTS kids to be bothered about “harassing” a waste of air like him!!
I’ve added the warning to the huge pile of failings the dj from Nottingham has done to me that iv filed under the letter “d” for DICKWAD.
The DNA tests, the court letters from when he strangled me, the silly letter he left the day after he found out I was pregnant with our first child, every single indecent photograph he has ever sent to me etc etc. Yes Mr DJ … I saved them all!!!!! THE POLICE HAVE SEEN YOUR MEDIOCRE COCK PICK WITH TWEED WAISTCOAT ON THAT YOU SENT 3 weeks ago after a coke binge you little DOG.
To be fair to the police officer he was great with me. He even asked what I saw in dj!!! Haha!!! He told me any contact made by dj from now on is to be reported immediately and the scum bag will be arrested. I knew dj would pull something out of his flailing bag of tricks. But I have nothing to hide and nothing to fear 🙂 and that feels fandabidozee !!!!

Apparently he rode over to Leicester police station today on his old motorbike- the one he said he had sold cos he couldn’t afford to keep it (oh *yawn* yet another blag) , for his formal cautioning 🙂

The police officer also told me that dj has been reading my blog as “apparently” (according to dj) I posted the link to my blog on HIS Facebook (the same Facebook that we blocked each other on).
More like- dj stalks my every move and maybe even follows some of my followers under an alias – so that when I changed my twitter @ name , he could just stalk one of my regular folk I chat to to work out my new name —-not brain science. Plus my blog is linked to my twitter.

It doesn’t bother me that he reads my twitter and blog. I bet he hates me more cos he can see I’ve moved on , and ain’t the pathetic sap he moulded me into NO MORE.
The only thing that I do wonder is this: he has had no time for either of my boys since day one- so why waste time voyering on my social networks prickface?

Love to you all (except mr DJ dickwad)
Jemma x

P.s Here is a collection of pics from my amazing year so far

P.p.s : my love for the gym came from my hate I felt for you (to push myself an extra rep or two I think of you naked ewww *retches*















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